My 18 Silly Comics About My Life With My Husband And Our Pets

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#1 When You’re On Vacation But All You Can Think About Is Your Pets…

#2 Get A Pet And You’ll Never Go The Bathroom Alone Again!

#3 Whenever It’s Raining, The Dog Looks At Me Like It’s My Fault!

#4 Why Bother Buying Dog Toys When The Dog Prefers Trash??

#5 I Treat My Health Issues And My Pet’s Health Issues With Very Different Levels Of Concern…

#6 “Do You Want To Go For A Walk?” Are The Magic Words That Get Goober Going!

#7 Just A Crazy Pet Mom Out With Her Babies!

#8 Reluctant Dog Dads Are The Best!

#9 Take A Moment To Think Of Your Puppies Who Probably Think The World Is Ending

#10 We Bought A Cat Tree And He Prefers The Box It Came In…

#11 Dogs Chewing?

#12 Captain Has Two Settings: Cowboy And Boy Scout

#13 My Dachshund Likes To Pretend He’s Tall Sometimes

#14 Our Home Security System Likes Treats And Belly Rubs!

#15 Yay Now We’re All Barking!

#16 When You Have Dogs, You Make Them Go Check On Things That Go Bump In The Night!

#17 A Very Accurate Pie Chart Of How I Spend My Time

#18 My Dog Goober Has Four Expressions

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