My 17 Photos That Show The Inseparable Bond Between My Daughter And Our Dog

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The day I brought Raven home from the hospital, swaddled with a fresh, baby smell, Jack was instantly in love. Just as he had never once left my side during pregnancy, he continued to be wherever she was. During nursing sessions, Jack would hop up onto the couch or the bed and curl up near her tiny feet. As she grew and had floor time as an infant, Jack would roll over onto his back beside her, with his tummy in the air.

To put it simply, wherever Raven was, Jack was there too. As a photographer, I document my daughter often and for posed shots, Jack would repeatedly pop into the scene. What started as frustration, ended up being endearing and we decided to embrace it fully. Thus began a new collection called, “The Story of Raven and Jack.

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Jack and Raven: Robots

Jack and Raven: Ballet with Jojo

Jack and Raven: Superheroes

Jack and Raven: Dinner for Two

Jack and Raven : Sit

Jack and Raven: The Ukelele

Jack and Raven: Getting Ready

Jack and Raven: The Twist

Jack and Raven: Two Straws

Jack and Raven: Baby

Jack and Raven: Pirates

Jack and Raven: The Drum

Jack and Raven: Pony Play

Jack and Raven: Popsicle

Jack and Raven: Tea Party with Jojo

Raven and Jack: Blocks

Raven and Jack: Jacks

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